Finally, A Mat Carrier with a Purpose

Hiii, I am Devin Taylor, and Im the Founder and CEO of Yogiroll. I invented this product because I saw a need for convenience. Being active, fit, and healthy are my top priorities. Fitness/yoga mats are a necessity nowadays, but the only way to carry them and other personal things is old and boring. I invented Yogiroll because it has multiple uses, a carry-on bag for traveling, a foam roller, a hard shell bag, shoulder/stretching straps, and a carrying case for your fitness/yoga mat. An all in one yoga fitness system. 

 Yogiroll is innovating the way yogis practice. Innovative and intuitive, our one-of-a-kind carrying case is any yogi’s dream. It was designed by myself and yoga enthusiasts who got tired of juggling their possessions to and from yoga and fitness classes. We knew there had to be a better way to manage everything and maintain the sanity we practice so much to cultivate! 

It’s the little things that make all the difference. That’s why we’ve refused to rush Yogiroll’s development. We knew we had a real chance to get it right, and we wanted to bring the grace and compassion of yoga to the development process. Our product has been heavily tested by people who know the value of a great bag, and we’ve refined it to a truly elite level. When you shop with us, you can rest assured you’ve joined a community of kindred spirits who feel genuinely honored to make your yoga, health, and fitness experience easier and richer. 

Thanks to our hard work, the Yogiroll provides convenience, elegance, and comfort in one beautiful package. It’s the perfect accessory for yogis of all skill levels, and anyone that wants to better their quality of life through health , fitness, and wellness. Whether you’re headed to a class on the beach or practicing over your lunch break, you’ll be glad you have the Yogiroll at your side. Make the most of your practice with the Yogiroll today! I would love to have you in my family.